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Junk Fest – Sept 27th



Yes…I am 3 years from building the tiny house…so why am I starting to purge already?

I’m claustrophobic. Knowing the closets are spilling over makes me feel suffocated.  Who needs 6 pairs of sheets anyway?

When I traveled I had everything I needed right on my back…how did I fall back into the lure of excess?  This is something that needs to be examined before we turn tiny…I need to change my mindset, my habits…or our tiny house will be spilling over with things we don’t need. Part of my desire for excess comes from a need for change. If I’m bound to two weeks vacation every year and cannot change my scenery…then at least I can change the look of my bed 6 times. If I can’t quench my restlessness with travel then why not change and redecorate the environment around me…my car, my house, my clothes. It’s worked…at least for a little while, BUT now it’s robbing me of my freedom. It requires time, money and attention…it’s time those are directed to more important things; my son, my family and friends, and those that need my help.

SO…come take my junk, have a beer, and see my tiny house design!

Sept 27th – Open House from 2-8 at 911 Linden Ave – Erie PA






…from the beginning

I’ve always been a fan of tiny living, especially if it was “off grid”.

My first venture in a small space took place in a 6 x 6 tent in the backyard of Angie’s Youth Hostel in VA Beach.

VA beach

I spent the summer in 36 sq ft, working at the bungee jump, cleaning the hostel rooms, eating the best shrimp at Harpoon Larry’s and loving every minute of it.

When I moved to Winter Park Colorado…I lived in the cutest little apartment…it was maybe 120 sq ft with a loft where I slept under a star filled skylight, a creek ran behind and the mountain view from my window was incredible. During the 10 years I lived in Colorado…I would live in some normal size spaces…but the tiny ones were always my favorite! (tents, caboose and even a closet!)

This is the trailer I lived in while in New Zealand…this is actually on an island off the coast of NZ called Great Barrier Island.


This little gem was abandoned in the woods, about a 10 minute walk from the youth hostel. It was perfect for me! I gave it a scrub, used candles for heat and light, and helped run the hostel by chopping wood in the morning so we could heat the shower water. We drank rain water and explored this beautiful island by hiking miles and miles. I could have stayed forever.

In Australia I lived in a town of only 60 residents, called Coral Bay. This would be my home on and off for about a year. I had MANY tiny abodes there…residents actually lived in trailers like the one above…they were called caravan parks. We would shower with salt water, suffer through mouse plagues (where they get in bed with you) and swim daily with turtles, manta rays and whale sharks.

I often thought I was born in the wrong time…I’ve always wanted to live a more simplistic life, but our society brainwashes us into being tranced out consumers who buy and buy to have some skewed sense of happiness and success.  I want to teach Sam the real meaning of happiness and success…and you don’t get it at Target.


Why Blog?

When I say I’m starting a blog…the question I get every time is “why?”

It’s not that I think our life is so fascinating that people will want to read about us…or that I’m hoping for some kind of recognition…or money…none of those things were a factor in my decision to start this. I simply want to keep a record of this journey with Sam…a sort of digital journal for us to participate in together as well as invite our friends and family along for the ride.

I look forward to sharing the journey of us turning to tiny living…so that we can indeed live a life that is truly large!

Heidi & Sam



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