So I apparently am unable to make a video small enough to put on this blog…facebook however did except it…so you can watch it here:

The crux of it is that he is on board with the whole turning tiny idea…except for having to downsize his STUFF!  He does have a lot of it too! I accept partial blame for that…when we went off on the whole GeoTrax tangent and I went a little crazy with buying up accessories for our town! He does have two houses though…two bedrooms full of things to play with…but he’s happiest with a ball and a mitt, or a hockey stick and puck…he’s really not a high maintenance kid. He’s laid back, sweet, helpful and considerate. He also loves to collect sticks, rocks, acorns and the occasional firefly.  In the end we will find the room for the things that are most important to us…and the rest will just have to find new homes.

When it comes to turning tiny…I think he’ll survive the transition just fine.

When it comes to living large…I think he’ll THRIVE! The kid wants to go to Africa…how awesome is that?!

Heidi & Sam