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goat junk fest

So the “get rid of your crap” mentality is contagious. It’s extended to my neighbors (my mom and step dad) who ventured into about 60 years worth of stuff in their garage last weekend. Glove wearing and trash bin toting, we tackled the endless boxes, not knowing what we would find, hoping to create some kind of order out of disorder. We managed to establish four different heaping piles: keep, give away, metal recycling, and dumpster. There are areas we haven’t even touched yet…but it’s been so freeing to bring the space to some kind of order. Antiques and treasures have been discovered, I’ve been selling them out of the back of my car (literally), and you become aware that these things were very important to someone at some point. Will my keepsakes become  fodder for the landfill or will I pass things on that will be given a new life.  I wish we could just continue to use the old and stop making new. There are glasses and plates that are perfectly useful, tables and cabinets that just need some love or re-purposing, cookbooks and buttons, records and sewing patterns, lots of doors that still have swing in them, clothes with good seams, shoes with good soles….

Come make the old new again…this Saturday at 2pm!



  1. Really fun to read Heidi! I can’t make it to your JunkFest, but I wanted you to know that I thought this was an AWESOME undertaking!!! The first day I met you I knew you were something special!!! xxoo, mar

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