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2015 = year of intention


done on purpose; deliberate.


adding consciousness to my thoughts and actions.
  • Eat with a purpose – to heal my Crohns Disease, optimize my energy and utilize local sources for homegrown food…including my own up and coming Clifton Co-op Garden.
  • Minimize waste – think about the choices I make…what things am I buying and what packaging surrounds it. Is this something I can reuse…compost…recycle, can I buy things without packaging. Bulk items where I bring my own container…carry my own bag…buy only what I need. Controlling and reusing the waste that is generated around me is something I’ve started doing. We make hundreds of decisions every day that impact our environment.
  • Shop deliberately – use a list…stick to it. Since downsizing I’ve been avoiding stores all together. When I do go in one, I  feel the consumer pull, but then I THINK…and there is not one thing I need in a store that doesn’t sell groceries.  In fact I’m going to challenge myself to buy as few new items this year as possible, not including food & obvious necessities.  I’m going to make a list on facebook and the goal is to buy no more than 1 new item a month. Somebody be my accountability partner!
  • Interact thoughtfully – connect with people who I can encourage…AND who encourage me. Seek out occasions to bring a smile…perform small gestures and  spread acceptance. Create opportunities to make others think and learn. Spend time with people who feed me…literally and figuratively (nope, still don’t like to cook).
  • Date Heidi – that’s right. Somewhere along the way I lost the art of spending time with myself.  So, I allow myself time alone to do those things that make me whole and happy….reading, writing, yoga, hiking, singing loudly in the car, gardening, traveling ….I’m worth the time and so are you!

Happy New Year!



  1. Great post, Heidi!

  2. I love this post… so many simple (yet, not necessarily easy!) ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

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