If I’m not in forward movement then I get extremely restless and, well…a bit crabby.

Since I am pretty much exactly at middle age…I’m wondering if what I’m having is similar to a midlife crises, or if I have learned just enough of the world ways to become more self aware of how I want to live my life.  Maybe the shorter days have put my wanderlust into overdrive.  Regardless, I feel like I want to change up my life!  Along with turning tiny I would also like to live and manage my life naturally…which means more money than what I have right now. I wish I could skip through the “debt reduction” phase of turning tiny and just be there…so I could:

  1. Manage my health using essential oils, probiotics, acupuncture and other methods that are not covered by insurance. Sadly, it’s so much cheaper to pay a co-pay on a medication that could give me cancer in the long run.
  2. Switch out all my cleaning products, laundry products, health and beauty products to all natural and non toxic.
  3. Eat all raw and organic food…oh and hire a chef to fix it all for me (totally dreaming)! You know I don’t like to cook!
  4. Go to Kripalu for a weekend of yoga and regeneration.
  5. Help those around me. I want my “financial bucket” to be overflowing so I can pour into others who need help.

On Saturday I ventured out with my restless nature following me…who by the way is the polar opposite of the debt reduction me, but thankfully Target didn’t get the best of me…rational thinking returned before I filled the cart with all the non-toxic products I felt I needed right now!! One thing I’ve really become cognizant of is that I use too much. I use too much shampoo, laundry soap, toothpaste, body wash, water (!!), toilet paper, peanut butter…you name it…I feel like I’m using it in excess. I’ve realized the concept of the more the better  has seeped into my subconscious, but now that I realize what I’m doing there will be a conscience effort to use less.  When a particular product is gone,  THEN I will replace it with something natural and non-toxic. Grateful my rational thinking was in there somewhere.

On another note… I taped out the size of the tiny house in my living room. It’s virtually an unused space in my current home…crazy.

IMG_1158 IMG_1159

I’m going to tape out the different rooms so we can get a feel for the space. Have to feed that restless self somehow!

Heidi & Sam