When I picked Intentional¬†as my word of the year, no where in my mind did I have the thought “I’m going to quit my job, follow my dreams, and open up my own store”, yet 4 months into the year that’s exactly what I did.

The Juice Jar came to me one night as I was lying in bed, thinking about how I wanted to spend the second half of my life, you know, when you begin thinking of your mortality as a very real thing. What was still left in me that I hadn’t let out, what ideas had I let our society rob me of, for fear of failure or fear of being extraordinary amongst the mediocre? For those that know me at all, they know of my strong entrepreneurial desires, they’ve seen binder after binder of business ideas and shared in my excitement, only to see it fizzle out as others fears started to penetrate my own resolve. In my early twenties I wanted a book store, in my mid twenties I nearly bought a music/gift store. The thirties brought; The Organic Season, Sam’s REcylcled Sports, The Free Store and the Grace Bus, all of which were born of my desire to help others. My focus remains the same, with a shift towards preserving our earth as well, but ultimately I want to help our community to live healthier, more fulfilling lives while educating ¬†the benefits of tiny, sustainable living.

So have no fear, my tiny dreams have not been abandoned, they’ve merely been expanded upon. Would you visit a store where a hydroponic greenhouse and a self sustaining tiny house on the roof were the norm? Pray for my resolve to stay strong and that’s exactly what you’ll find at the West Erie Plaza in the near future. A retreat from “societal norms” where green is the new bacon, where nutrient dense food can be picked by the customer for immediate consumption, where organic bone broth is sipped by the fireplace and kids can experience making their own juice. Join me on my journey by liking The Juice Jar Facebook page, reaching out to me if you feel a calling to be a part of it, and again, praying for my resolve!

Heidi & Sam (who’s super excited btw…he also is an entrepreneurial spirit)