Living intentionally is hard, at least doing it full time is. I feel maybe I’ve been doing it part time for awhile, but these last 40 or so days have been filled with self imposed challenges…in thoughts and actions. I’ve been avoiding writing this because it just hasn’t been the best start to the year, and I’m a bit crabby…but I’ve been told by some pretty good sources that it gets better. I’m just in the “cleaning house” phase.

  • Downsizing…always. Where does this stuff come from?
  • Avoiding stores. I’ve only been in grocery stores since December. I’ve also unsubscribed from all consumer pushing emails that tempt my materialistic nature.
  • Not buying new. I did buy one thing new. Enter excuse here: “it’s a really cool bestselling book jigsaw puzzle and I couldn’t find one used…and I want to keep it forever in my tiny house” …yep…didn’t need it.
  • Waste thought process: “can I re-use it, can I re-purpose it, is it compost, recycling, burnable, or sadly does it go in the trash” …admittedly exhausting.
  • Relationships. Hardest part of cleaning house. We all have people who we know don’t bring out the best in us…yet we seem to just fall into a pattern of discontent instead of sweeping up.  I’ve swept…
  • Dating me. Needs improvement but I have started doing yoga again and attempting to be good to myself.
  • Food. Honestly…bad food choices medicated me through these past 40 days…

We all know what’s best for us and for the environment. It takes effort. But I believe that effort is 100% worth it. It’s worth it for everyone who wants to be an active and healthy participant in their own lives, and those they love…and for everyone who will be inheriting the planet we so dishearteningly disrespect every day for our own pleasure and convenience.  Change needs to happen…no matter how hard.